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"Come now quietly," I said; "so much the sooner you will be back with your laddie."Such was the end of Fort Loncin, and by its fall the last obstacle was removed by which the undisturbed progress of the German armies might have been prevented. The brave defenders of Loncin did not surrender, but stood their ground until they were buried under the ruins of their own defences. According to information from another source, Lierce had succumbed the night before.

"On August 14th, at about four o'clock in the afternoon, the expected storm burst; for twenty-five hours the invisible siege-guns poured their torrent of projectiles on the fort. Flares of fire and dense clouds of smoke belched through the crevices. As the enemy's batteries could not be located, their fire could not be answered. The artillerists of the garrison were then taken to the spacious chief gallery, which offered a safe refuge under its vault, about two and a half to three yards thick. Outside the sentries were watching. In the parts near the entrance it was unendurable; the heavy projectiles from the guns mounted in the town had nibbled away the outer wall, only a yard and a half thick. There were as yet no casualties among the garrison; calmly they waited for the infernal tempest to subside and the enemy to storm the fort, for they had sworn to repulse the assault.A FEW words by way of introduction.During my visit I happened to make the acquaintance of Mr. Derricks, a brother of the lawyer who had been murdered so cruelly at Canne, and also a member of the Provincial States. The poor man was deeply moved when he heard the details about his brother's death. I made him very happy by taking a letter with me for his sister-in-law, who was now at Maastricht.

"In and round about Vis茅 people sleep in their cellars, as they are threatened frequently that the town will be set on fire.""But that will mean death for yourself."As we went on towards Eerneghem French aviators were heroically reconnoitring above the German lines. One came from Dixmuiden and one from Nieuwpoort; both went to about half-way between these two towns, where the centre of the battle was. The Germans kept up an unbroken artillery fire at those birds in the air. I saw quite near to them shells exploding right and left and discharging dense, black clouds of smoke that disappeared slowly. There were moments when these black stretches of cloud seemed to form a frame round the aeroplanes, but the brave aviators knew how to escape from their assailants by all sorts of tricks. They came down to go up again unexpectedly, entirely changed their direction a moment later, and at last both disappeared undamaged.

"2. Injure or make useless roads or telegraphic instruments.He did not seem to mind much the destruction of the Halls with their world-famous wealth of books; anyway he spoke about it in an unconcerned tone. But he seemed to attach great importance to the safety of the town-hall. He said that when the buildings adjoining the town-hall began to burn, he had them blown up in order to keep the fire away from the beautiful monument."Well, all the Netherland papers have extensive official reports about it. The French are now at Namur and the British landed troops at Ostend...."

31As dusk came on nearly the whole population of Maastricht, with all their temporary guests, formed an endless procession and went to invoke God's mercy by the Virgin Mary's intercession. They went to Our Lady's Church, in which stands the miraculous statue of Sancta Maria Stella Maris. The procession filled all the principal streets and squares of the town. I took my stand at the corner of the Vrijthof, where all marched past me, men, women, and children, all praying aloud, with loud voices beseeching: "Our Lady, Star of the Sea, pray for us ... pray for us ... pray for us ...!""3. That everything that may appear hostile to the German army must be avoided with the utmost care.

A lot of artillery and a great number of soldiers were in the market-place ready to start. The commander sent one of his officers to us, who addressed me, examined my papers, and then said that I had surely met Belgian soldiers on the way. Of course I denied this emphatically.At Zeebrugge the conditions were not alarming. The houses of those who had gone away, however, had been damaged most terribly, and looted. Round the harbour guns were mounted, guarded by many sentries. I was at first forbidden to cross the canal bridge, but my excellent credentials at length made the sentries give in. Everything indicated that already during the first days of the occupation the Germans had begun to execute their plan to turn Zeebrugge into a station for submarines.I stood near the spot where the ferry-boat used to take people across; but to cross was now out of the question, for any one alighting on the opposite side would be landed in the scorching glare. Therefore, I returned to Lixhe, where I might try to cross the river by the pontoon-bridge, and get to Vis茅 along the other bank of the Meuse.

Having got them, several officers examined my credentials, and their faces showed that the horizon was a little clearer for me.Between my tours through the Li猫ge district I made a trip in the direction of Tongres, because I wanted to know what had become of all those Germans who had crossed the Meuse near Lixhe. It was remarkable to notice how friendly the Flemings of that district behaved with regard to the Germans. Although they criticised the violation of the country's neutrality sharply, and every family was proud of the sons who had taken up arms in defence of their Fatherland, yet they judged quite kindly the German soldiers who passed through their district. I often heard expressions full of pity toward those men, who could not help themselves, but were compelled to do whatever their superiors commanded them."I must advise you not to, for it is extremely dangerous, but if you like...."

Although I had got farther on my way than I had dared to expect, my journalist's heart longed for more. If I could get to Li猫ge, which was said to have just been taken! But my passport stated that I was only allowed to go to Vis茅. I thought the matter out, and the longer I thought, the stronger became my desire to go on; and at last I decided to do it.The first acquaintance whom I met on Netherland territory was a Netherland lady married to a Walloon, who kept a large caf茅 at Vis茅. Before the destruction she had asked me, full of anxiety, whether the Germans would indeed carry out their86 threat and wreck everything. I had comforted her, and answered that I did not think them capable of doing such a thing. Weeping, she came to me, and reminded me of my words. The whole business, in which these young people had invested their slender capital, had been wrecked."Then you will stay again at the episcopal palace, your Eminence?"

全國百家商場五一將直播帶貨,【新華網連線湖北】警校學員請戰抗疫一線:我要成為父親那樣的功勳警察,石章強:新華社“民族品牌工程”助力民族品牌振興,China Headlines Xi Jinping Leader of Chinas great revival,廣東鶴山:“清單思維”推動民生實事落地,【武漢救援日記】在“方艙醫院”的每一分鐘都是戰鬥,研發“大桃機器人” 平谷將建農科創示范區

5G手機價格還會再降嗎?,美航天局將首架火星直升機命名為“機智”號,本市排查住宅外墻外保溫係統,(COVID-19) La Turquie enregistre 1.614 nouveaux cas de coronavirus, 127.659 au total,面對資源枯竭 這個城市選擇多元化發展,判天地之美,析萬物之理:談陳琦水印木刻,聚焦富民,讓百姓過上更好生活 ——訪江蘇省委書記、省人大常委會主任李強

"Are they at a great distance from here?"Near Herstal the Germans were crossing by the large bridge, which the Belgians had preserved to their own disadvantage."3. That everything that may appear hostile to the German army must be avoided with the utmost care.

"I mention more especially:鈥"Have you got papers?"Matters stood so in Li猫ge on the morning of August 9th, when the second day of the occupation by the Germans had not yet passed. The Belgian field army, which had bravely defended the ground under the protection of the forts, and inflicted heavy losses upon the Germans, had to retreat before their superior numbers, leaving the further defence of the Meuse to the forts. But a high price had been paid for Li猫ge, for the German losses were immense, and on the ninth they were still busy burying their dead. The Germans lost many men, especially near Lixhe and the Forts Bachon and Fleron.




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