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After a night of cursings and trampings in his room, he took the fermenting dregs of his wrath to Cheat Land. It was queer that he should go for sympathy to Alice Jury, who was chief in the enemy's camp. But[Pg 231] though he knew she would not take his part, she would not be like the others, leering and cackling. She would give him something vital, even if it was only a vital opposition. That was all the difference between her and everyone else鈥攕he opposed him not because she was flabby or uninterested or enterpriseless, but because she really hated what he strove for. She was his one strong candid enemy, so he went to her as his only friend.The next day a fresh poster appeared, printed this time in flaming red letters:"Oh, Joe, he's seen us."

That night she dreamed that her new baby was born, and that Reuben had taken away Fanny and given her to Beatup. Beatup was carrying her down to the pond to drown her as he drowned the kittens, and Naomi stood in the garden with immovable weights on every limb listening to the despairing shrieks of her little girl. They were dreadful shrieks, not like a baby's at all.March blew some warm twilights to Peasmarsh, and the choristers began their summer lingering. Bessie and Robert often took the longer way home by Ellenwhorne鈥攈e would not leave her now till they were at her cottage door, and often he would run home hare-footed from Eggs Hole, afraid that he might be shut out of Odiam, and perhaps his precious comradeship discovered and put under the tyrant's ban.

"I'll have wheat growing here in a twelvemonth!" he shouted.Rose approved of this attitude鈥攕he liked to be envied; also Caro was useful to her in many ways, helping her[Pg 280] in the house, taking the burden of many irksome duties off her shoulders, leaving her free to entertain her friends or mix complexion washes. Moreover, there was something in Caro which appealed in itself, a certain heavy innocence which tickled the humour of the younger, more-experienced woman. Once her stepdaughter had asked her what it felt like to be kissed, which had sent Rose into rockings of laughter and a carnival of reminiscence. She liked to dazzle this elderly child with her "affairs," she liked to shock her a little too. She soon discovered that Caro was deeply scandalised at the thought of a married woman having men friends to visit her, so she encouraged the counter-jumpers and the clerks for Caro's benefit as well as Reuben's.

"Yes, I sent a boy over fust thing."

"Now don't pretend to be stupid鈥攄on't pretend you can't understand anything but turnips.""Oh, stop it, Ben! can't you see you're spoiling my dress? Why should you get in such a taking? You've had children before, and they've all been failures鈥擨 expect this one will only be like the rest."

At that moment there was a sound of "git back" and "woa" beyond the hedge. The next minute two horses stepped into the Glotten just by the bend.

Having thus delivered himself under the combined fire of the lorgnette and the pince-nez, Reuben poured himself out half a tumblerful of cr猫me de menthe and drank the healths of them both with their children, whereat Anne rose quickly from the table and sought refuge in the drawing-room.Then suddenly an honour fell on Odiam. The War Office itself sent it a telegram. But the honour was taken sadly, for the telegram announced that Sergeant David Backfield had been killed in action at Laing's Nek.

新型消费 扩围正当时(经济新方位·新产业新业态),美国两位顶级摄影师因性骚扰指控 被《时尚》杂志停职,指挥战“疫”,习近平为何频频强调这四个字,《永远在路上》 第二集:以上率下,皮尤民调显示23美国人对特朗普应对疫情的行动持批评态度,王凯《为你我受冷风吹》获赞 化声蜡笔小新酷萌,美媒:脸书发明“最像人类”的聊天机器人(2)

“三农”篇:农业有奔头 农民有盼头 农村有看头,“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育中央指导组、巡回督导组工作总结会议召开,人民论坛:在抗疫斗争中感悟制度威力,法学者:新冠疫情见证西方体制的垮台(8),锐参考 “日本,千万要挺住啊!”这两天,轮到中国网友为日本祈祷了……,外媒:伊朗总统对乌客机事件罹难者表示哀悼 涉事人员将移交司法,马千里:本次活动作品评选介绍

"I offered to help him wud his burning," said Realf, "and he said as he'd see me and my lousy farm burnt first."Under the circumstances he hardly knew what held him back, what made the whole idea vaguely repugnant to him. Surely it could not be his feeling for Alice Jury. The terrible thought suggested itself that his love for Alice would survive all the outward signs of its demolition, that though beaten and killed and destroyed it would haunt him disembodied. That was the secret of its power鈥攊ts utter lack of corporiety, its independence of the material things a strong man could bend to his will, so that, as it were, one could never lay hands on it, but chased it for ever like a ghost.

The fields were very dark in their low corners, only their high sweeps shimmered in the ghostly lemon glow. Out of the rabbit-warrens along the hedges, from the rims of the woods, ran the rabbits to scuttle and play. Bessie and Robert saw the bob of their white tails through the dusk, and now and then a little long-eared shape.The boys still didn't seem to have much to say, so she continued:He sat up on the tumbled bed and looked round him.[Pg 318] Rose's nightgown was folded on her pillow, and over a chair lay a pair of the thin useless stockings he had often scolded her for wearing. A drawer was open, and from it came the soft perfume that adhered to everything she put on. He suddenly sprang out of bed and shut it with a kick.




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